Everything You Need to Know About a Holistic Health Center

Understanding what a holistic health center is, who goes to one and what you look for in a reputable holistic health center

Did you know that 74 percent of the American population desires a natural approach to health care? This is because people are starting to learn that treating your body with a holistic approach might take longer to see results, however, the results do tend to last longer. 

The Holistic healthcare industry has grown more popular over the years. People tend to turn to natural ways to help heal the body nowadays before turning to conventional medications.  The global complementary and alternative medicine market size was valued at $82.27 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand by more than 22% by 2028. 

Today, we are going to share with you what a holistic health center is, how you can find the right one for you and who it can help. 

What is a holistic health center?

A Holistic health center is a place whereby every professional in the building practices a different form of holistic health. In other words, it is a place that you can treat your body holistically. 

It is a place that treats the 5 aspects of holistic health namely:

  • Physical 
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Spiritual 
  • Mental 

You often find professionals who work together to help treat the body as a whole. Some of the professionals you can find in a holistic health center are:

  • Physiotherapist
  • Chiropractor
  • Psychologists 
  • Naturopath 
  • Homeopath 
  • Reflexologist
  • Aromatherapist 
  • Holistic Massage therapists 
  • Holistic dentist 
  • Life coach 

Who goes to a holistic health center?

Anyone can go to a holistic health center. There is no age limit or gender limit. It is a place for people to seek help from professionals who are willing to treat their problems with a holistic and natural approach. 

It is important to note when it is time to see a conventional doctor. Sometimes, natural medicine can help to a certain point, and then you need to seek out other advice and help. Once you have gotten a diagnosis, your holistic health center can help your body cope with the problems and help your body function at its optimal. 

Examples of prominent holistic health centers

There are hundreds of Holistic Health Centers all over America. Approximately 38 % of U.S. adults, age 18 years and older use some form of complementary and alternative medicine to help treat their body holistically. 12% of children in the US. also use these methods to help their bodies heal naturally. 

Here are a few examples of places you can go to. Please note that these centers are just suggestions and if you are not comfortable with going to these places, you can find centers closer to where you live. 

Charlotte Acupuncture– This center specializes in the natural treatment of pain, fertility, pregnancy wellness, stress as well as women’s health issues. They are board-certified and highly qualified practitioners. 

Innate Wellness Center– This center specializes in naturopathic medicine. They can treat any age and are known to help with nutritional issues as well. They are a center with Naturopathic doctors that uses different techniques to help heal the body. 

New Leaf Natural Medicine– This center has a few treatment options. You can get Acupuncture, Dietary evaluations, Herbal medicine, Homeopathy options, and more. 

What should you look for in a reputable holistic health center?

There are a few things you need to look for in a Holistic Health Center.

  1. Are the therapists qualified? You need to check and make sure that the people you want to go see are qualified. If they say that they specialize in a specific area such as Acupuncture, make sure you can find proof. 
  2. Find reviews. Look for social media pages. Once you have found them, see if there are reviews from other patients. This will give you a better idea of what you can expect from that center. 
  3. Call and ask questions. Before you make an appointment, ask as many questions as you like about the practice as well as the treatment you want to try. They should be able to answer all your questions. 
  4. Hygiene. Hygiene is a big area you need to look out for. Aks if you need to bring your towels and what clothing you need to wear. Once you are there and the place does not look clean, leave. 
  5. Specialization. You want to find a center that specializes in the problems that you are having. Going to a center that offers massages and you are looking for help in the fertility department, you are not going to get the best benefits that you need. 

You also want to call ahead and let them know about any illness and disorders you might have. There are certain therapies and treatments that you cannot have if you have certain conditions. Let them advise you on which treatments are best for the issues you wish to treat. 


Americans make more visits to holistic healthcare providers than to conventional doctors. It is estimated that around 600 million visits a year are to holistic healthcare providers. Americans spend more money out of pocket to do so. About $ 3 billion to be precise. 

There are approximately 6 000 licensed naturopathic doctors in America at the moment. That means that there are a lot of options out there for you. You will find the best professionals for you and your porblems. 

Taking the first step to finding the right Holistic center for you might seem a bit scary. Once you learn how to treat your body holistically, with the help of your professionals, you will see why the industry is growing and helping so many more people every year. 

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