Do Posture Adjustment Braces Work?

Understanding What Posture Adjustment Braces Are and How They Help

People around the world suffer from discomfort and pain stemming from their back. Did you know that around 500,000 Americans have back surgery every year for lower back problems alone? That means that Americans spend around $ 11 billion each year on operations to relieve back pain.  

A posture adjustment brace, or a back brace, is a non-surgical treatment used to help relieve back pain, help correct your posture, and mobilize your muscles to prevent unnecessary muscle pain and discomfort.  

This article will give you a better understanding of posture adjustment braces, how they work, and if you will see benefits from wearing the brace. 

What is a posture adjustment brace?

A posture adjustment brace is designed to gently pull your back muscles back into alignment. This will result in less pressure being exerted on your back muscles. With less pressure, you will get less pain and allow the muscles that are inflamed or hurt to heal better. 

There are different braces for different issues. For example, if you have problems in your upper back, you will get a brace that wraps around your shoulder area to bring your shoulders down and your rhomboid muscles (angel wing muscles) together to correct your posture. These braces not only help correct your posture but will also help you experience less pain and numbness, as well as fewer headaches. 

You may also be given a brace to wear after surgery. These braces are designed to help you during your healing process and take pressure off your muscles. 

The benefits of wearing a posture adjustment brace

There are many benefits to using posture adjustment braces. First and foremost, the braces can help reduce pain. According to Healthgrades, about a quarter of the American population suffer from back pain for at least 1 day in a 3 month period. 

Correcting your posture using the brace can also result in a better mood. 

Other benefits include:

  • Avoidance of irreversible damage to your spine
  • Improved flexibility and joint movement
  • Improved overall balance 
  • Easier breathing, as the brace gives your lungs more room to expand
  • A faster healing process

Do posture adjustment braces work?

People are of two minds about the braces. On the one hand, it does the work for your muscles, but on the other hand, it can cause your muscles to rely on the brace and your muscles become lazy. 

A study was done back in 2013, in which researchers tested to see if a brace helps the posture and alignment of the scapula. They found that the brace did in fact improve posture, as well as the muscle activity. 

The trick to ensuring that the brace will do more good than harm is to only wear the brace when it is needed. You do not want to rely on the brace. Rather, use a brace when you are injured or in pain, and do exercises to help strengthen the muscles so that you correct your posture yourself and will not have to rely on the brace for support all the time. It is all about balance. 


There are a few things for you to take away from this article:

  1. Posture adjustment braces do work when used correctly.
  2. Do not rely on the brace. Only use it when you need it or a medical professional has told you to use it.
  3. Slowly start to strengthen your muscles to better your posture using your own muscles.
  4. If your pain does not ease or go away after 8 weeks, seek medical attention, as there could be something more serious happening.

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